In Memory of the tragedy of September 11

In Memory of the tragedy of September 11


Ten years ago you allowed the plan of some malicious people to be carried out.  Today  we remember with pain and sorrow of the  self destructive actions that humans can take against each other and how we your children fail to recognize that you call us to be one.

Since the colonial times you began a dream of unity in the American Land. Your project started with immigrants that came to the USA from all over the world searching for freedom, justice and opportunities. This nation was built with people of all races, cultures and faiths working together to become the richest country in the world. But, as the wheat was growing so also was the weed. The power and ambition in man's work brings the shadow of evil and diminishes the goodness.

In Ground zero's memorial remains a prophetic symbol; the two fountains make the water flow towards a well in the middle, and from this center two towers of light emerge at dusk. These reminds us that you call everyone to a new birth of  water and spirit  so that we may live a new life of truth, freedom, justice and love. Jesus you are the light of the world shining in the darkness and you make arise springs of living water from a stone. You're the source of life!

In the face of tragedy and pain we are able to have solidarity and  many are the testimonies of love left from the September 11, 2001. The horrifying images where so many lives were sacrificed without sense, are engraved in the memory of this nation and around the world. The madness and absurdity of this cruel act, also reminds us as  Christians of the injustice of your passion and death. Why do innocent victims need to suffer the evil that comes from others? This is the  mystery of the cross; it is only understood at the light of your resurrection.  Our hope is to know that you are alive and death has no power over love. This truth illuminates the world as to not let ourselves be overcome by darkness. We know that from evil you bring out a greater good. It is by the power of your love that everything is renewed!

Lord bless this nation and the whole world so that the light of your Resurrection  may fill those who love life and also bring hope and give new life to those who live in darkness. Bless everyone who suffers because of the injustice of men.


Ana Maria

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